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The Importance of My Hat

I pretty much always wear a hat, unless the occasion demands that I don’t, but even then I shall probably have worn one there, and be wearing it back home again.  Wearing a hat has become so much a part of who people perceive me to be, that people find it hard to spot and/or recognise me without one.  To me, wearing a hat isn’t just about image or style, it’s a very practical matter too.  So here goes.


The Importance of My Hat


My hat is my identity,
My hat is my disguise.
When I take it off,
I’m hidden from your eyes.
My hat is my confidence,
My hat is my protection.
It shelters me from wind and rain,
And avian defecation.
My hat is very precious,
My hat is ordinary.
And I’ve one for every occasion,
From trilby through to beret.


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