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Everything is Beautiful

So the other day I was receiving a bit of stick from a friend because I was describing everything as beautiful.  Somehow I couldn’t come up with a better word to describe Jacob’s sheep (think I actually said they were beautiful AND funky), this really lovely tiny little bowl and spoon for the mustard and something else.  I didn’t get to call the third thing beautiful as my friend stepped in and said it for me as I was going to.  This naturally led to some comment about ‘everything being beautiful’, and you know what happens when I get a random phrase stuck in my head…enjoy!


Everything is Beautiful
Everything is beautiful,
Each in its own way.
And things of beauty can’t help but,
Brighten up your day.
Everything is beautiful,
For those with eyes to see.
Just take the time to look and find,
The beauty in the ‘ugly’.
Everything is beautiful,
From the greatest to the small.
So set yourself up for a smile,
And seek the beauty in all.


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