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The Importance of My Hat

I pretty much always wear a hat, unless the occasion demands that I don’t, but even then I shall probably have worn one there, and be wearing it back home again.  Wearing a hat has become so much a part of who people perceive me to be, that people find it hard to spot and/or recognise me without one.  To me, wearing a hat isn’t just about image or style, it’s a very practical matter too.  So here goes.


The Importance of My Hat


My hat is my identity,
My hat is my disguise.
When I take it off,
I’m hidden from your eyes.
My hat is my confidence,
My hat is my protection.
It shelters me from wind and rain,
And avian defecation.
My hat is very precious,
My hat is ordinary.
And I’ve one for every occasion,
From trilby through to beret.


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Everything is Beautiful

So the other day I was receiving a bit of stick from a friend because I was describing everything as beautiful.  Somehow I couldn’t come up with a better word to describe Jacob’s sheep (think I actually said they were beautiful AND funky), this really lovely tiny little bowl and spoon for the mustard and something else.  I didn’t get to call the third thing beautiful as my friend stepped in and said it for me as I was going to.  This naturally led to some comment about ‘everything being beautiful’, and you know what happens when I get a random phrase stuck in my head…enjoy!


Everything is Beautiful
Everything is beautiful,
Each in its own way.
And things of beauty can’t help but,
Brighten up your day.
Everything is beautiful,
For those with eyes to see.
Just take the time to look and find,
The beauty in the ‘ugly’.
Everything is beautiful,
From the greatest to the small.
So set yourself up for a smile,
And seek the beauty in all.


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My day lilies have started coming up again, the birds are nesting and spring is officially a month and two days away.  So this is reasonably timely…

Forget-me-nots in yellow and blue,
The sky that perfect springtime hue.
Woodland carpet of blue and cream,
Winter fades to a cold, grey dream.
Tulips nodding in the breeze,
Leaves burst forth on all the trees.
From the hedgerows, birds give song,
And the coming of summer won’t be long.


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February Challenge – Daily Life

I know I missed Sunday, I was on a poetry ban.  One of my friends really really doesn’t like poetry and was coming over for what was originally to be a Burns night, but then all poetry was banned, and then the Scottish food was banned, so it was more a steak pie and movie night.

So this month, my challenge was  ‘ to write a poem about daily life! ‘.  I must admit, initially I was a bit stumped, then I was thinking along the lines of “but most of my work is about my daily life, things I see/hear/do”.  And then this happened…

Daily Life
Daily life is anything but,
Even if your life’s a routine.
For absurdity will always intrude,
And randomness intervene.
The regular can be transformed,
By something heard or seen.
For daily life isn’t just what you do,
But the little adventures in between.

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Some more random rhymes

Sometimes when I try and write, all I end up with are a random collection of one verse poems.  One lunch time I was trying to write something new for a friend, and managed to, along with five randoms and the start of a longer piece I’ve been mulling for years.  Enjoy!


I really am quite hopeless,
At entitling my rhyme.
But it’s for the excellent reason,
I forget to at the time.
Today is the day of the solitary verse,
But I suppose that it could be worse.
I could have written one ten pages long,
Or more scarily tried to make it a song.
If the world was like cake,
Spring would be the mixing,
With hot summers the oven in which we bake.
Autumn’s cooling and berried decoration,
Winter frosts dust sugar on what we make.


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